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Specification: Attach to the instrument over the pegbox and out of the way

  • Suitable for: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Chromatic
  • Tuning Mod: Clip-on vibration sensor
  • 360° Rotational Clip: 360° Rotational clip design makes multi-angle view clearly
  • Colorful LCD Display, Easy to Read: yellow means flat, red means sharp, white means in tune
  • A4 Frequency: 430Hz-450Hz;
  • Tuning range: A0 (27.5Hz)-C8 (4168Hz)
  • Auto Power: Ultra-low-power and auto power-off
  • Power Supply: 3V(CR2032)
  • Tuning Accuracy: ±1Cent

eno Professional Violin/Viola Tuner, Colorful LCD Display Easy Control Clip

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