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Instrument Care

With the proper care your instrument could last a lifetime just like the violins of the master makers. Just follow the simple rules listed below to enjoy your instrument for years.

  • Always keep your instrument in its case when it is not being played

  • Avoid exposing your instrument to extreme temperatures, never leave it in a hot or cold vehicle even in its case

  • Keep your instrument from getting wet and high humidity areas

  • Avoid extremely dry areas as well, this will cause your instrument to shrink and crack

  • If your case has an integral hydrometer this is a good indicator of the environment your instrument is in

  • Do not over tighten the strings when tuning, this will break the string and puts too much stress on the instrument possibly damaging it

Bow Care

  • Wipe rosin from the instrument and wooden portion of bow after use

  • Always release the bow tension when not playing

  • Avoid touching the bow hair with your hand, the oils will prevent the rosin from working properly and decrease the longevity of the bow hair

  • Apply bow rosen sparingly, a few strokes along the entire length is sufficient before play or practice

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